Philosophy Through Art

Benjamin Adelman is a Los Angeles based artist who finds his inspiration through “objects as tangible, acting theories of knowledge.”   His unusual style and approach stand out to me because they are both equally visually stunning and intriguing.  Upon discovering that he has a keen interest and background in philosophy,  it is apparent that his style reflects this unique perspective.

He currently has four categories of art available on his website, all equally exquisite in their energy and beauty.  His categories include Inside-Out, Contrast, Terrain and Warped.    You can also follow Benjamin on Instagram.

Thank you Benjamin for taking the time to allow me to interview you and sharing your vision with the world!

Inside – Out







Five words that best describe you?
The good side: pragmatic, contemplative, sedulous, assertive and resourceful.
How did you career get started?
I studied Philosophy for my bachelors, and discovered the use of art objects as things that could be bound to questions of truth, if created a certain way and tied through with symbolism. It’s like a kind of contemporary alchemy. I started showing in different places, worked at a gallery for a time and studied under other artists. I learned about what the art world had and what it didn’t have. I think I’m contributing.
What inspires you?
Nature, logic, color, technology.
Who is your design or style icon?
I don’t have a style icon per say, but for architects- Luis Barragan, Louis Kahn. Artists- Manfred Mohr, Theaster Gates, Yang-Tsung Fan, Patrick Wilson, Peter Doig, Chiyu Umae, Nathan Hylden.. the list goes on.

What is your next goal, career or personal (or both!)?

My next goal is really to increase what I’m doing- staying entrepreneurial, keeping the energy up for producing pieces that are alive, and developing a greater network of people to engage with. Also, hiking and climbing more, and going to the free LACMA concerts more often!

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