The Bold and the Beautiful


I am a big admirer of both modern and abstract art.   Upon first appearance, abstract and modern art appear to be the artist simply placing something random down on a canvas, but then we realize that good art is never random, but rather a way to reach out to the viewer on an emotional level.

I recently discovered the lovely Ali McNabney-Stevens, a Melbourne based British artist who has been featured in such magazines as Inside Out, Home Beautiful and Real Living.  She was also identified by The Design Files as one of the hottest art finds of the year.    What I love most about Ali’s artwork is the vibrant color and strong sense of self in her work.      Ali’s art isn’t always abstract, at times it simply moves away from the confines of reality.    A client recently told Ali that her art is just “abstract enough, not too much, just enough …”

Ali has just launched her second limited edition prints for 2013.

Dee Street-1

Lilac Protea

The Bay No.3

Ali works from her home studio in Melbourne and shares her home with her husband and three young children.

Thank you, Ali for taking the time to answer my questions!


1. Five words that best describe you?

Compassionate, Energetic, Intuitive, Loving, Soulful

2.  How did your career get started?

My artistic journey started a long time ago at school…there was never any doubt that I would go to art college.  I attended Edinburgh College of Art and then had to get “proper” jobs.  I always hoped that I would be able to find the path back to my art and I suppose through sheer determination here I am.

3. What is the best (career or personal) lesson you have learned?

Keep putting one foot in front of the other and know that all the things you do have relevance.

4. Best decision you have made?

Personal: to get married to J and have my three beautiful children.

Career: to team up with Julia Green of  Greenhouse Interiors

5. Best advice you have been given?

It isn’t really mind blowing and you will have heard it a gazillion times before.. it is “keep going and don’t give up”.

6.  What inspires you?

Oh, really it can be anything, but if I ever get stuck I always return to the Northern Ireland ( where I used to live) landscape images in my mind and that seems to be the key to unlock my thoughts and get me painting.

7. Who is your design/style icon?

I don’t have one but generally have a natural magnetic pull towards all things bohemian.
8.     If you were on a deserted island, what three items and/or people would you take with you?   (food, water and electricity are provided)…
I would take a bottle of chilled champagne, a good book and a helicopter with the thought process here being I would enjoy a few glasses, some peace and quiet to read my book and then once I had had enough and was bored, I would get in the helicopter and fly back to my family.
9. Favorite food?

Tom Yum soup and a cup of Earl Grey tea, but not at the same time!

10.  What is your next career goal?
This year has seen me launch two new limited edition print series and a range of cards along with normal ongoing canvas artwork.  I would like to keep the focus and continue to branch into other areas and also have a solo exhibition in 2015.

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