Your Home Office Can Be Something Special…

A home office can be both beautiful and effective at keeping you organized.  I recently had a desk made to fit in my bedroom.  It had to be long and narrow and it took a bit of space planning, but the result was perfect for my small office space.  After the desk arrived,  I bought simple shelves from Ikea, had my sweetheart paint them and knew I had to spice them with some unusual brackets.   I think of these brackets as that simple accessory that really makes the outfit.   The price was less than $15.00 per bracket and they are heavy and beautifully made.  I will post a photo when the shelves are up.  Here is the bracket…

 These photos are  on my Pinterest board (Office Design)…I hope you find these photos inspiring and that you will make some great changes to your  home office.  And if you are unsure of how to make those changes, please send me an email or post a comment below!….enjoy



Quietly Elegant

Graphic and Quirky


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