Affordable Art For Your Interior

With the economy slowly recovering, purchasing original art may seem like a luxury.  Art Interiors is a wonderful website I discovered this year.     Their philosphy is “that everyone should be able to own an affordable piece of art. And with prices ranging from $35-$5,500, it’s possible! We have an ever-changing collection of artistic styles. Paintings, photographs, drawings and multimedia can all be found here. From the traditional to the contemporary, there’s something to suit every taste – and every budget.”    What a great find for those of you who are looking to add to your collection!



Stand Proud

Danielle Stand Proud

Elizabeth Lennie  “Halcyon Days”

Artist: Jennifer McGregor
Title: WC#17

Artist: Michael Harris
Title: Blue Barn, Red Door, Prince Edward Island

Artist: Richard Herman
Title: Rakusu 2


2 thoughts on “Affordable Art For Your Interior

  1. I love the farm with the blue sky. It reminds me of the great America I miss so much. My favorite movie, for all sorts of reasons is “Bagdad Café”. This picture feels like the movie. It speaks of simple streamlined things, vistas and lives… I don’t think I’m making any sense. It is getting late and I’ve been reading blogs all day:0)

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