Bedside Manner

We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and it is usually in our beds.   Take a good look at your bed, are the sheets soft and inviting, is the duvet worn or frayed?   If your bed is on a bed frame, do you have an appropriate bedskirt?  All questions worth answering and if your bed isn’t in good shape, it is time to update!    If you can’t find the duvet you love, sew two sheets together.   If sewing isn’t one of your talents, take them to your local seamstress or tailor….sheets are usually  more affordable than a duvet.  Be on the lookout  for great patterns and mix two unconventional styles together, flip the duvet when you are ready for a change.

I happily stumbled upon the Andrew Morgan Collection, he has some great ideas for updating your headboard and box spring.  The collections are named Headsok and Bedsok, they easily fit over existing frames to instantly update the look of your bed…ingenious!

Update Your Headboard


Garnet Hill has wonderful quality bedding at affordable prices…


You can sew these together to make a graphic statement in your room…


Or for a bit of a splurge, how about the Jasmine reversible quilt from Allem Studio


Buy vintage and mix with contemporary bedding…



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