Take It Outdoors!

With the weather warming up, I am sure we are all thinking about what we can do to spruce up our outdoor space.  The changes do not have to be an expensive undertaking,  rather focus on creating a space that is inviting and will add another room to your home in the warmer months.   Nature is always an inspiration for me,  take a look at what colors you will be seeing in your garden and replicate it with soft furnishings such as a patio umbrella or new cushions.

In this post, I will focus on budget friendly options, and of course, I will have to write another one with some fabulous finds that may be a bit more expensive, but we can dream, right?



 It can be as simple  as adding pops of color through furnishings….




How about a colorful umbrella and cushions…




Have you ever considered an outdoor rug?  This is  great option if your floor is a bit of an eyesore…

 RugsUSA has some great finds…




Add greenery in unexpected places.   Sunset Magazine has an easy tutorial on this planter/bench…


 Even a vegetable garden can be an outdoor piece of art…


domino, garden plots


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