Sophisticated Stencils

I love wallpaper, but it is an investment and who knows how long you will love it?  Also, if you are renting, wallpaper is not a sensible option.   A great alternative are wall stencils.   What comes to mind?    Visions of grape leaves and ivy trailing around the top of the kitchen cabinets?      Not anymore… I recently found  Royal Design Studios  when I was reading a a post by a fellow blogger,  Mary Ann Pickett.  Her DIY tutorial can be found here.

The best thing about a stencil is that there are an endless variety of applications!

It Can Be Simple…


You Can Make A Large Piece of Art…


You Can Add an Architectural Element to a Piece of Furniture…


Mimic the look of tile…



And Create Your Own Wallpaper…





4 thoughts on “Sophisticated Stencils

  1. Hi Anna, I saw that Home Depot has what they call “paintable wallpaper”. It was online, but the designs were not that clear so when I was in Napa recently, I went into the Home Depot store and learned that they don’t carry that kind of wallpaper. I want to use some kind of empossed template to paint over for the down stairs small bathroom in our old house. I’m reluctant to buy rolls of the paper online without knowing what I will receive. Any suggestions?? Hope you’re doing well. Pat

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